Jiffy 7’s

Jiffy 7’s are a popular ready to use media and are¬†perfect for seed raising.

The Jiffy 7’s are supplied as compressed discs made of sphagnum peat. The media comes premixed with added Lime and a special fertiliser with low ammonium content to stimulate plant growth. The compressed pallets are 4cm diameter x 7mm in height. When exposed to water the Jiffy 7 expands and the hydrated media is held within a degradable net. A small indent is provided on top of the disc to place the seed into once the disc has expanded.

Because the Jiffy 7’s have an outer netting to hold the media inside, they can be self standing or growers can place them into pots or cell trays to further support them.

Once a good root system has developed throughout the media, they can be direct planted into an NFT system or a larger media filled pot or slab.

The Jiffy 7’s are also very popular for soil growers and can be direct planted into the soil when the seedling is established.

Available in:

  • Bags of 25 $5.00 + GST
  • Cartons of 1000 $110.00 + GST
  • Prepacked trays containing 60 discs per tray, 14 trays per carton = 840 discs total $182.00 + GST