Air Pumps

Air Pumps are an ideal method for oxygenating nutrient solution tanks in both recirculating or non recirculating systems.

They are most commonly used in the following situations:

  • When there is insufficient reserve pressure or flow left in the main irrigation pump to operate a Venturi.
  • When there is insufficient fall between the return pipe and the tank surface to promote a cascading effect with the return solution.
  • To maximise the oxygenation of a nutrient solution alongside other forms of oxygenation (especially in hot climates) e.g Venturis, cascading fall of return solution.
  • To stir nutrient solution stock tanks to prevent precipitation or stratification.

The Air pumps comprise of an air compressor which is linked to a delivery hose. At the end of the delivery hose an airstone is attached and this is left submersed at the bottom of the tank in the tank solution. As the compressed air is forced through the porous ceramic air stone a vast amount of bubbles are formed which displace oxygen into the nutrient solution and force stale waste gas out of the top of the tank when they emerge at the surface.

The air pumps can also be connected to a Cycle Timer Controller to allow for a pulsed action which conserves electricity.

Our most common sizes of compressor are:

  • 2.5 litres of air per minute
  • 3.5 litres of air per minute (ideal for a 100 litre tank)
  • 8.5 litres of air per minute
  • 20 litres of air per minute
  • 40 litres of air per minute
  • 100 litres of air per minute (ideal for a 1,000 litre tank)
  • 110 litres of air per minute
  • 160 litres of air per minute
  • 240 litres of air per minute

A single or multiple 30cm x 5cm ceramic airstone can be supplied to connect to any of these pumps. Larger or smaller airstones can also be used.

Pure Hydroponics can size an air pump to suit any tank size or application.