Custom Foliar Feeds

Pure Hydroponics can prepare a Customised Foliar Feed Formula for any interested growers.

This is supplied as a batched bag of micro and/or macro nutrients.

Growers will need to supply photos of their deficiency symptoms so we can make further comment or they can supply leaf analysis results from their lab (or we can arrange this for them).

If growers are currently only using a general purpose or crop specific nutrient formula to feed the root zone of their crop it may be worthwhile considering a nutrient formula which is customised for their water supply. This will have a greater chance of eliminating any future deficiencies in the crop and it can be seasonally adjusted to suit their climate.

Please talk to Pure Hydroponics for further information.

The photos below show symptoms of Manganese Deficiency. This can be corrected by lowering the pH around the root zone to a continual 5.8pH. A foliar spray can also be applied.