Nutrient Solution Heater/Chillers

Pure Hydroponics uses electric reverse cycle heat pumps for heating or cooling the nutrient solution in small to large commercial hydroponic systems.

These units are specifically made in New Zealand for commercial hydroponic systems and are built to withstand corrosive solutions.

The main benefit of these units is their efficiency.

The reason they are so efficient is because they are only transferring energy from one source to another without actually making it.

This equates to 5 times the heating or cooling performance per Kw of electrical input.

For example 4Kw of power can produce 20Kw of heating or cooling.

The units can be supplied with Single or Dual Purpose heat or cool functions:

  • Heat Only  (For growers in regions which have cold winters but where the summer heat is not hot enough to be harmful to their crop)
  • Cool Only  (For growers in regions which have a continually warm climate e.g Tropical countries)
  • Heat and Cool (For growers in regions which have cold winters and hot summers)

The Single Purpose units are cheaper to purchase than the Dual Purpose units.

In the Winter, the unit is working as a heat pump using electricity to operate the refrigeration system. The free heat is extracted from the ambient air, upgraded with a compressor and then pumped into the nutrient solution. Therefore, it is very cost effective to heat the tank solution even in the colder months of the year, as the electrical input is not used to generate heat but just to move the free heat to the nutrient solution.

In the Summer, the unit automatically reverses the process and works in the chilling mode by removing unwanted heat from the nutrient solution and discharging that heat to the outside air through a fan.


  • The units have been designed with individually sized, anti-corrosive titanium tube heat exchangers (condensers), and super efficient and reliable compressors to achieve perfect results in both heating and chilling water.
  • The nutrient solution is drawn from the main nutrient mixing tank by a small pump (purchased separately) and the nutrient solution is pumped through the heater/chiller. A temperature probe from the heater/chiller is installed in an inline sensor box to monitor the passing flow as it enters the unit.
  • The heater/chiller has an inbuilt computer which monitors the input temperature and adjusts its performance to meet a pre-programmed temperature setpoint.
  • A built in flow switch is able to detect any interruption in the nutrient flow, which immediately deactivates the heater/chiller

These electric reverse cycle heat pumps are excellent for improving the all round quality of a crop and they make growing far less challenging in extreme climates.

Please contact Pure Hydroponics to have a unit sized for your system.