NFT Gully Brushes

After harvesting each crop NFT Gully Brushes are used to thoroughly clean each gully in readiness for the next crop.

The cleaning process removes any plant waste and potentially harmful residues from the gullies which could cause problems for the following crop.

Pure Hydroponics supplies Gully Brushes which perfectly fit the interior of 100x50mm or 150x75mm hydroponic gully.

We can also have brushes custom made to any specification or gully profile.

The brushes are made with a heavy duty wire spine and hard wearing bristles. A 20mm threaded steel fitting at the base of the brush can be attached to a length of 20mm pipe to feed the brush up the full length of your gully. Water can be fed through this 20mm pipe to assist in cleaning or the brush can be used in conjunction with a flow of water being fed from one end of the gully.

Cleaning is made simple and effective with the use of a gully brush and the overall level of hygiene and plant health in the system improves.

Gully Brushes are available in the following sizes:

  • 100x50mm
  • 150 x 75mm
  • Custom Sizes made to order