NFT Hover Blaster Gully Cleaning Device

The NFT Hover Blaster is a uniquely New Zealand made accessory designed for the easy and efficient cleaning of NFT gullies.

When attached to a water blaster the stainless steel hover blaster will use pressurised jets of water to automatically propel itself along the inside walls of the gully. As it moves along the gully the jets of water remove even the most stubborn particles of organic material leaving the gully nice and clean.

Once the hover blaster reaches the end of the gully the grower retracts the connector hose and then places the hover blaster inside the next gully to be cleaned. The blaster is then left to crawl its way up the gully, allowing the grower to focus on other duties while each gully is cleaned.

Once removed from the gully the hover blaster can be turned around so the back plate faces the grower. This acts like a shield while the grower directs the water jets towards any contaminants which may need cleaning on the top of the gully.

The water blasters used with this device must have a minimum flow rate of 15 litres per minute to perform effectively.

A pressure level of around 120 Bar is ideal.

The Hover blaster device works well on water blasters with a 8 HP diesel engine (5.96 kW)  or 6.5 HP petrol engine (4.8 kW) or equivalent electric motor.

Any water blaster within this range should be o.k.

The Hover Blaster Cleaning Device comes with a 1/4″ BSP Thread and an ARS250 Quick Release Coupler is supplied with the device to fit onto this thread.

Contact Pure Hydroponics to purchase this unique piece of equipment.

Price = NZ$475.00

We can customise this cleaning device to suit all NFT gully types. A sample of your gully or a technical drawing of the gully will need to be sent to New Zealand for reviewing.