Living Herb Pots

Pure Hydroponics can source a wide range of black, green or terracotta coloured pots suitable for Living Herb production.

These Living Herb Pots are lightweight and have a thin walled construction with no perforations in the sidewalls, only in the base.

Clusters of herbs such as Coriander & Basil can be grown in the pots and sold to the market as a living plant packaged in a polypropylene display sleeve (see the section: Vegetable & Flower sleeves).

Consumers then purchase the plant while it is still growing in its pot and take it home where it is kept on the kitchen window ledge and watered. The foliage is then trimmed upon demand for use in cooking.

The pots look very attractive and greatly enhance the saleability of the plant in the marketplace.

For these types of pots the hydroponic gully needs to be drilled with larger plant holes to accommodate the larger diameter pot. Specialised NFT benches are usually dedicated for holding this type of pot.

A popular pot size for this purpose is 90mm in diameter and 68mm deep.

Contact Pure Hydroponics to discuss prices and sizing.