Bluelab Pro Controller – Wifi (EC, pH and Temperature Control) Kit Price From NZ$4,042.00 + GST

Every Commercial Hydroponic Grower should have an automatic dosing controller.

It is far too difficult to maintain a stable EC and pH strength in a hydroponic system when manually dosing.

EC and pH levels are continually fluctuating in relation to the feeding and transpiration activities of the crop, and the introduction of fresh water to the hydroponic system via automatic fill valves.

A commercial grower does not have the time or patience to maintain EC and pH levels to the required standard using manual dosing.

Crop growth, therefore, becomes inconsistent and yields decline. The risks associated with manually dosing acid for pH control are considerable and root damage due to momentary acid overdosing is an ongoing problem that results in yield reductions and subsequent root disease.

The use of an automatic dosing controller overcomes all of these concerns.

The growth of the crop is consistent and uniform, flavour is better, yields are higher, incidences of root disease are reduced, and the grower finds that they have a lot more spare time on their hands for other business or leisure activities.

The new Bluelab Pro Controller is an automated dosing controller which is highly recommended for Recirculating Systems (NFT, Flood and Drain, Aeroponics).

The Bluelab Pro Controller is a compact Nutrient and pH dosing controller with Connect software which allows a grower to datalog their settings and activity to a cloud. This allows a grower to log in from anywhere in the world to check on settings and receive alerts if alarm settings have been breached.

The Pro Controller is available as a bare controller with Conductivity, pH and Temperature probes or as part of a complete kit with Triple Peristaltic Dosing pumps (A, B, pH), Dosing Tubes, Sample Pot and Calibration Solutions.

Simply program the nutrient and pH strength you would like the hydroponic system to be run at and set the “Dose On” and “Dose Off” intervals to suit the size of your tank.

The Bluelab Pro Controller will then tirelessly manage your pre-programmed set points by activating the Peristaltic Dosing Pumps connected to your A, B & pH stock solution tanks.

This provides an exact nutrient and pH strength for your crop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which matches the fluctuating feeding patterns of the crop.

The Pro Controller is sure to inherit the outstanding reputation of the earlier Bluelab Dosetronic which is the work horse of the international industry and has been exported worldwide for over 20 years with a sound reputation for accuracy and reliability.

The Pro Controller is highly recommended for every serious hydroponic grower who values a consistently high level of quality in their crop.

It also frees up valuable time for a grower so they can focus on other important aspects of their business.

The Bluelab Pro Controller is an investment in crop quality that will quickly pay for itself.

Main Features

  • Simple, friendly user interface
  • Optional control functions – you can control one, two or all three parameters (pH, conductivity and temperature)
  • Individual High and Low alarm functions
  • Large easy to read displays with adjustable display brightness
  • All probes are removable/replaceable
  • Calibration “Quality” indicator for pH probe
  • Selectable values for conductivity and temperature
  • Selectable internal lockouts. E.g. Temperature high alarm can prevent nutrient dosing
  • Provision for External lockouts (both Normally Closed and Normally Open contact) E.g. a water flow switch can prevent all dosing action
  • Automatic safety lockouts built in – E.g. Prevents dosing of pH and nutrient solution if a fault is detected
  • Wifi capable. This allows the grower to remotely access settings and receive alarm alerts from anywhere in the world as well as being able to data log all dosing activities via Bluelab Edenic software.

Other Features

  • Probe lead lengths are 2m/6ft
  • Able to calibrate conductivity but not required
  • Splash proof
  • International power supply for controller
  • Automatic Temperature Compensated pH Probe
  • Monitors and controls pH (raise OR lower)
  • Monitors and controls conductivity (raise only)
  • Monitors and controls temperature – either mains connected heating OR cooling equipment
  • Settings retained if power failure occurs
  • Can be placed into Monitor mode only with alarms enabled / disabled
  • Conductivity and pH can be dosed via Peristaltic pumps or Solenoids (or any user supplied equipment)
  • Choice of visual and/or audio alarm
  • Able to connect an external alarm device
  • Hysteresis: Settable on Temperature only – E.g. prevents damage to temperature from rapid on and off switching
  • Adjustable compressor lockout – E.g. prevents damage to equipment by ensuring an adequate start up delay
  • 2 Year Bluelab Guarantee (6 Months on pH Probe)

The parts below can be purchased individually or as a bundled kit.

Option 1 – A Dosing Controller Kit for tank sizes up to 2,000 Litres = NZ$4,042.00 + GST

  • Bluelab Pro Controller Wifi, EC, pH & Temp Probes (NZ$2,028.00)
  • Bluelab Sample Tube (NZ$347.00)
  • Bluelab Peripod M3 (3 x 120ml per minute peristaltic pumps) (NZ$1,667.00)

Option 2 – A Dosing Controller Kit for tank sizes up to 20,000 Litres = NZ$6,432.00 + GST

  • Bluelab Pro Controller Wifi, EC, pH & Temp Probes (NZ$2,028.00)
  • Bluelab Sample Tube (NZ$347.00)
  • Bluelab Peripod L3 (3 x 1200ml per minute peristaltic pumps) (NZ$4,057.00)

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For tank sizes larger than 20,000 litres an additional set of Bluelab 1200ml per minute Peripod pumps can be installed in a daisy-chain configuration to allow for higher volume dosing. Please contact Pure Hydroponics for assistance. Please see the guide below for further information. An Optional Alarm Lockout Box can be purchased for each kit. This plugs directly into the Pro Controller. This box allows a series of external switches to be wired into it (e.g a float switch) so that when the switches are triggered the controller goes into lockout mode to prevent dosing. The Alarm box also has a small inbuilt audible siren which sounds whenever pre-set alarm settings are breached.There are also inputs for a larger external siren to be wired into the box.       NZ$85.00 A

To read an article on the importance of Automatic Nutrient & pH Dosing please see the following link:

Please see the Bluelab Pro Controller Instruction Manual Below:

Instruction Manual – Bluelab Pro Controller

Bluelab® Peripod Peristaltic Pump Selection Guide

  • Nutrient uptake/requirement of the crop determines what the pump system has to deliver. Leafy greens, for example, require relatively modest nutrient levels, whereas a mature, heavily fruiting tomato crop can have extremely high nutrient demands – even if the reservoirs are the same size.
  • The type of crop, and the number of plants within it are the major determinants of nutrient use, and should be used to determine the pump sizing.
  • If the grower anticipates they will grow their operation, L3 may be more appropriate if they fall in the overlap between the two systems

For recirculating and drain-to-waste/batch-dosing systems:

Bluelab® PeriPod M3

Total volume of nutrient stock (ECA + ECB) used daily*

0 – 18 Litres
0 – 4.8 Gallons


Number of plants fed from reservoir

Heavily fruiting crop e.g. tomato: 0 – 900 Plants

Leafy greens: 0 – 9,000 Plants

Bluelab® PeriPod L3

Total volume of nutrient stock (ECA + ECB) used daily*

5 – 180 Litres
1.3 – 47.5 Gallons


Number of plants fed from reservoir

Heavily fruiting crop e.g. tomato: 250 – 9000 Plants

Leafy greens: 2,500 – 90,000 Plants

There is considerable overlap between M3 and L3 minimum. L3 can be used in smaller systems by using shorter on-times.
* If known, use volume of nutrient stock over number of plants to determine the pump sizing
^ Based on 4 sqft/0.4sqm per tomato plant, 5,000 tomatoes is a ~0.5acre/2000sqm facility