Bluelab EC 2.77 Conductivity Solution

EC Probes should be routinely cleaned and checked using Bluelab EC2.77 Conductivity Solution to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Serious commercial growers should clean and check their EC probes every 1 – 2 weeks.

Some growers may need to do this procedure more frequently.

The frequency of cleaning and checking that is required is all dependent on the cleanliness of the hydroponic system and the type of crop which is being grown.

Growers who regularly dump their tanks and do not have a high organic loading in their systems don’t need to clean and check their probes quite as often as those who accumulate organic matter such as root matter, leaf material or algae in their systems or who use nutrient solutions or additives which are oily or have impurities.

An EC probe should always read EC2.77 when dipped in an EC2.77 Conductivity solution. If an EC probe is dipped in EC2.77 solution and it is shown to read lower than EC2.77 then this indicates that the EC probe needs to be cleaned.

The EC.77 conductivity solution always provides an accurate reference point.

Pure Hydroponics supplies the Bluelab range of EC2.77 Conductivity Solutions:

  • EC2.77 x 250ml Bottle – NZ$11.30 + GST

  • EC2.77 x 500ml Bottle – NZ$18.10 + GST

  • Wholesale Pricing is Available for Retailers 


Simply tip a small quantity of EC2.77 solution into a small glass or container. Clean the tip of the EC probe as directed and rinse well.

Dip the probe tip into the EC2.77 solution for testing accuracy (making sure to rinse between different solutions) or follow the calibration instructions if the EC meter you are using is able to be calibrated.

After the sample of EC2.77 solution is used once, tip it out (not back into the bottle) and use a fresh sample of solution from the bottle for the next test.

Bluelab EC Probe Care Instructions

Clean and test conductivity probes for accuracy