Hydroponic Pumps

Pure Hydroponics can supply a full range of Pumps to suit any application.

The most common uses for pumps in hydroponics is as follows:

  • The main pump for feeding a nutrient solution to a Drip Fertigation System or recirculating hydroponic system (e.g NFT).
  • Submersible pumps for feeding smaller hydroponic systems, stirring stock tank solutions or for emptying runoff catchment tanks.
  • Pressure pumps for supplying fresh water to hydroponic mixing tanks or pressurised misting systems.

All pumps used for hydroponic applications are of a durable design and are specifically designed for pumping nutrient salt solutions.

The key to choosing the correct pump for a hydroponic application is to select one that has the required flow and pressure characteristics to deliver the exact amount of nutrient to the furtherest part of the greenhouse. It must not be oversized so as to use more electricity than is required as this will contribute to a higher annual operating cost than is necessary.

A full range of accessories are also available to service major brands such as Onga, Waterco, Pentair and Davey pumps.

Please contact Pure Hydroponics to discuss your requirements.