Misting Nozzles

Misting Nozzles are an effective way of lowering the greenhouse temperature or raising the humidity levels in a greenhouse.

They are ideal for warm, dry climates and complement the use of roof ventilation and greenhouse shading systems for cooling.

The fine mist quickly lowers the greenhouse temperature and maintains a comfortable level of moisture in the air. This prevents the rapid transpiration of moisture from plants, which can induce stress and wilting.

Misting systems are not suited for climates that have a naturally high relative humidity coinciding with a high air temperature.

Too much humidity in a greenhouse can slow down the rate of transpiration excessively, which results in plant stress and poor calcium transportation within a plant.

If a misting system is used in a high humidity climate the introduction of a fine mist to the growing environment will quickly raise the humidity levels beyond 85% and contribute to plant problems such as Tip Burn on lettuces and Blossom End Rot in tomatoes as well as slower overall growth.

Pure Hydroponics supplies the range of Netafim Coolnet Pro misting nozzles.

These nozzles are super-fine static misters especially designed for cooling and humidifying greenhouses and livestock, and for irrigating over propagation tables.

The nozzles come as a complete unit with barbed inlet, dropper assembly, stabilising weight and anti drain valve + nozzle manifold.

Growers can easily install the misting nozzles themselves by attaching them to overhead lateral tube (or PVC pressure pipe) or Pure Hydroponics can design a turn key system for them complete with automated misting controller, solenoid valves and pressure pump.

Simply program the misting controller with the required  temperature and humidity levels and leave it to do the rest.

CoolNet Pro Specifications

  • Bridgeless design.
  • Static mister, 2 different flow rates: 5.5 , 7.5 l/h & a plugged nozzle
  • Nominal flow rates at 4.0 bar pressure.
  • Pressure range 3.0 – 5.0 bar.
  • Recommended filtration : 130 micron / 120 mesh
  • Filtration method is to be selected based on the kind and concentration of the dirt particles existing in the water.
  • Inlet connector: Press fit
  • 3 different configurations: Cross, 4 nozzles; “T” , 2 nozzles; Straight , 1 nozzle.
  • The nozzles are colour coded
  • 5.5 l/h. light green
  • 7.5 l/h. silver gray
  • Plugged nozzle: orange.

Features and Benefits

  • Bridgeless design eliminates dripping.
  • Interchangeable components.
  • Acid resistant (AA) raw materials, thus allowing the application chemicals to pass through the system.
  • The system can be cleaned by application of suitable acid treatments.
  • Micro sized droplets, at a relatively low pressure of 4.0 bar the CoolNet™ Pro uniformly distributes an average drop size of 65 micron.
Please see the following brochure for further information:
Netafim CoolNet Pro