Bacterial Contamination Test Strips

  • Pure Hydroponics have test strips available that will allow growers to economically monitor bacterial numbers on plants, in solutions and on equipment equipment.
  • Detect and monitor potential problem levels of spoilage and contaminating bacteria that may cause health risks on produce.
  • Do not wonder if bacterial contaminants are present. Monitor control measures by testing before and after treatment.The test strips will indicate the presence of all bacteria that are a potential health risk. Identification can follow if required.
  • Do not use expensive tests if no bacteria are present.
  • Determine if disinfected equipment is free of all bacteria & take the guess work out of disinfection procedures.
  • Are market crates arriving free of high levels of bacteria? Test before and after disinfection.
  • Results available from 24 hours after testing.
  • Specific test strips can identify Pseudomonas and E. coli but remember that many other bacteria, including Listeria spp, can result in health and production problems. These strips should be the first test line of defense.

Method of Use

  • Aseptically (without touching the media surface) open the tube and without touching the media apply the strip to the surface to be tested. Turn the slide around and apply the other side to another surface to be tested.
  • Record the sample number on the tube and record the nature of the sample for future reference.
  • Return the tubes to a nominated incubation site or incubate in a warm (30C) environment (detailed information can be supplied for this).
  • Each bacteria will result in a red spot on the test strip. Count the number of spots.
  • Use results to monitor Bacteria levels. Undertake frequent tests to assess hazards during production and before marketing. Use Oxine® treatments to guarantee effective control. Pure Hydroponics can provide appropriate information on testing and all details of rates and methods of use of Oxine®.
  • If Bacterial counts occur consider undertaking specific tests.
  • Please contact Pure Hydroponics for further information.