225x80mm Hydroponic Gully x 1.78m

The widest commercial hydroponic gully available in New Zealand

225x80mm internal dimension, 250x80mm external.

2-piece clip on lid gully with removable lid for easy cleaning.

The gully is NZ$35.00 per 1.78m length + GST and freight

End Caps $3.50 + GST each

End Caps with Spout $4.00 + GST each

Comes with 5 pre-cut plant holes to suit 75x75mm rockwool cubes

Terms of sale:

Gully may require wiping down when received due to being in storage. The end caps have been previously glued but unused. The majority of the system that was using this gully and end caps was installed and then taken apart and sold when still unused so is in new condition.

Some of the gullies were used for 1 x short term crop only and were then water blasted and sanitised so are in near new condition.

The old glue is still on the end caps but this does not stop them being reglued and still attaining a perfect seal. The previous glue was a solvent cement paste for rainwater down pipes so is semi flexible and can be scraped off by the buyer if required.

Let us know address and quantity for a quote.