Commercial NFT System For Sale, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Redpath Greenhouse – Built late 2017. 28.8m wide x 30m long. 864 square metres. Three bay, four doors (two at front, two at rear), wind up sides, roof vents (one side) with three vent controllers and three vent motors. 520 approx. gullies, 7.5m length, 30 holes per gully – provides 15600 plant holes. 198 Adjustable support legs with support beams included.

Shade cloth to cover entire inside (40% shade white hailnet).

Propagation – Ebb and flow bench (steel) with three trays, Bluelab Nutrient Controller and Guardian Monitor with Connect Software available, Mini Peristaltic pumps, A, B and pH stock solution tanks, pump, filter, dump line, feed and return lines, 750 litre tank with submersible pump and pipe work. Hunter Irrigation Controller, Compressor for airstones.

Main solution tank and control equipment includes Bluelab Nutrient controller, Guardian Monitor (Connect software available) Large peristaltic pumps -new pumps installed 2021, Sample pot, Compressor for airstones, A,B and pH stock solution tanks and tank fan. Three high flow pool pumps and all pipework, filters, fittings, including venturi, mixing bypass and pipework to system and main tank. Feed and Return pipework (above ground) which includes all manifold pipework and microtubes.

Gully trolley – holds up to 30 gully for easy moving and cleaning of gully.

Misting system for one bay only – pump, tank, and solenoid wiring. New solar integrator will need to be purchased.

Reverse Osmosis unit with pipework, tank fittings (including fill valve) and pump from storage tank – will need new filters.

Prewired flow alarm and Power supply alarm box – alarms and switching device from Mains power to Generator power. Petrol Generator also included.

2 x 25,000L storage tanks for collection of rain water off greenhouse roof plus 2 x 7,500 tanks/fittings.

White floor coverings and pegs.

Dismantling of the greenhouse at purchasers cost. Will help dismantle growing system etc. Should fit in 40ft container except water tanks.

NZ$95,000.00 + GST

Please contact Pure Hydroponics for further information or to arrange inspection.