Fan Speed Controller

Fan Speed Controllers are ideal for regulating the temperature in growrooms, quarantine rooms or enclosed greenhouses.

They are a low cost way of maintaining a consistent air temperature with the use of inlet and extraction fans.

The Primair Fan Speed Controller has 3 inputs – Inlet Fan, Exhaust Fan and Power Supply (to power the controller box and both fans).

Simply remove the plug from the Inlet Fan and Exhaust Fan cables and wire them directly into the Fan Speed Controller box. A separate 230 Volt cable is then hard wired into the 3rd input of the controller to power all three units.

A desired room temperature (Degrees C) and an idle speed for both the inlet and exhaust fans can then be set. Ideally the exhaust fan should always be larger and be working at a higher speed than the inlet fan to create a constant negative pressure.  This prevents odours or potentially harmful organisms from being pushed out of any cracks or openings in the growroom before they can be filtered.

The controller can operate in environments ranging from – 10 Degrees C up to a maxiumum of + 70 degrees C.

The temperature set point can be set between 14 degrees C up to 36 degrees C.

Once the room temperature goes beyond the desired temperature setpoint, the Fan Speed Controller will push both the inlet and exhaust fans to full speed until the room temperature falls below the setpoint. The fans will then return to their idling speed.

The Fan Speed Controller is the culmination of many years of experience in in growroom extraction combined with the latest in electronically controlled technology. The unit is extremely reliable and safe.

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