Panda Film

Panda Film is a waterproof, light reflective, hard wearing film for lining the walls and floors of greenhouses and grow rooms – it is white on one side, black on the other.

The white surface reflects light from the floor and walls back into the foliage of crops.  The black underside layer stops light reaching the soil beneath which prevents weed and algal growth. It also prevents ground moisture and soil borne diseases rising from beneath, penetrating the floor and raising the humidity in the growing area.

When used in an indoor growroom situation, sheets of Panda Film can be taped together with heavy duty tape to fully line the walls, roof and floor of a grow room. This provides a waterproof lining and has a cooling effect.

When artificial HID lighting is used (e.g for commercial seedling production) the Panda Film reflects all available light back into the crop for maximum energy efficiency. The film is also very effective for blacking out windows to prevent light from escaping.

Should there be any water leaks, spills or run off from plants inside a grow room, the Panda Film will ensure the problem is properly contained or directed to nearby drains.

Panda Film is offered in a 100 micron thick grade in the following widths:

  • 600mm x 400m
  • 4m x 50m
  • 4m x 100m
  • 8m x 50m

Pure Hydroponics can also offer pre-cut cut lengths, and import a thicker 200 micron grade if required.