Bluelab Peristaltic Dosing Pumps

The Bluelab PeriDosers are a reliable, accurate and safe method of dosing nutrient and pH stock solutions into a hydroponic mixing tank.

The pumps can be connected to most brands of dosing controller (with a 24VAC dosing output) and are an ideal partner for the Bluelab Dosetronic controller.

Available as:

  • Single PeriDoser (For pH correction solution or a 1 part nutrient) – 350ml per minute per pump x 1
  • Twin PeriDoser (For A&B  Stock solutions) – 350ml per minute per pump x 2
  • Triple PeriDoser (For A, B & pH corrector) – 350ml per minute per pump x 3

The PeriDosers overcome many of the shortcomings commonly experienced with solenoid valves:

They work on a suction action and are not prone to blockages.

Fresh stock solutions are sucked in equal proportions from the stock tanks and are then dropped onto the surface of a mixing tank via delivery hoses.

The suction action allows the stock solution tanks to be placed above or below ground level to create more space in the pump room or for easier access (solenoid valves rely on the stock tanks being raised above the mixing tank so the stock solutions can be gravity fed into the mixing tank).

The suction action and wide diameter delivery hoses on the Peristaltic Pumps prevents any sediment build up or blockages. Sediment blockages can be a problem with solendoid valves and can lead to harmful overdosing or uneven dosing when a valve is unable to fully close or fully dispense its dose.

Bluelab PeriDosers are suitable for NFT Mixing tanks up to 10,000 litres. For larger tanks a higher flow peristaltic pump or dosing option can be recommended.

The PeriDosers are easily maintained with a tube of Bluelab PeriLube lubricant. Once an individual pump motor has exceeded its lifetime a replacement motor can simply be swapped into the position of the old one without affecting the performance of the other Peridoser pumps in the same housing unit.


  • Very reliable
  • Consistent dosing
  • Self priming
  • High volume capability up to 350ml/min (5.5 US Gal/hour)
  • More reliable and more consistent than solenoid valves
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Creates more space in a pump room
  • 1 Year Bluelab Guarantee

Single Peristaltic Pumps                  NZ$815.00 + GST

Twin Triple Peristaltic Pumps    NZ$1,050.00 + GST

Triple Peristaltic Pumps                 NZ$ 1,160.00 + GST