Solenoid Dosing Valves

Solenoid Dosing Valves are used in conjunction with an electronic Dosing Controller to automatically dose Nutrient A & B stock solutions and pH corrector into a hydroponic mixing tank.

The valves are available in 12V DC,  24V AC or 24V DC (depending on the output of the controller).

All the valves are 10 Watt.

The Valves have a 3/8″ Male Barbed fitting on them or can be supplied with a 3/8″ BSP female thread.

They are compatible with most automated Dosing Controllers (e.g Bluelab Dosetronic) and have a lower set up cost compared with using Peristaltic dosing pumps.

The Solenoid Valves are connected to the bottom of individual stock tanks (A, B or pH) and these tanks are positioned above the main mixing tank so the stock solutions can be gravity fed into the mixing tank when the valves are opened.

A small screen filter is usually placed in front of each valve so they do not become clogged with sediment, which can impair their performance.

The solenoid valves are a 2 piece unit consisting of a Coil and a Base Plate. The only maintenance usually required is to either replace the coil when it reaches the end of its usable life, or to replace a diaphragm which is located in the base plate.

A simple description of how the valves work is as follows:

1) The automated Dosing Controller sends an electrical signal to the solenoid valve which energises a coil inside the valve.

2) This allows an internal diaphragm to be lifted allowing a gravity fed stock solution to pass through the valve.

3) After a pre-determined period of time has passed (e.g 3 seconds) the Dosing Controller will signal the valve to close thereby ending the dosing cycle.

Pure Hydroponics stocks the Parker Hannafin range of solenoid valves which are well known for their reliability and accuracy.

Please talk to Pure Hydroponics for pricing and recommendations.