Flower and Vegetable Support Netting

The use of Flower and Vegetable Support Netting allows plants to receive the maximum amount of light and air and prevents damage to valuable flower crops.

The plastic mesh can be used vertically to support climbing plants such as peas, beans and cucumbers.

It can also be used horizontally either as a single layer or in a number of spaced layers (e.g 300mm spacings) so that flower plants can grow through each layer of mesh and be supported regardless of their height.

The mesh is lightweight but very strong, UV stabilised and resistant to agrichemicals and rust.

Roll Lengths:

  • 100m long rolls (Popular sizes only)
  • 1000m long rolls

3 Different Mesh Sizes: (All pricing is Plus GST and Freight)


Code: FG – Mesh size 150mm x 170mm

4FG(3sq.) 0.51m x 1000m 

6FG (5sq.) 0.85m x 1000m 

7FG (6sq.) 1.02m x 1000m 

8FG (7sq.) 1.19m x 1000m 

13FG (12sq.) 2.04 x 1000m 

7FG (6sq.) 1.02m x 100m 

13FG (12sq.) 2.04m x 100m 

Code: FGPO – Mesh size 125mm x 125mm

9FGPO (8sq.) 1m x 1000m 

10FGPO(9sq.)1.125m x 1000m 

11FGPO(10sq.)1.25m x 1000m 

9FGPO (8sq.) 1m x 100m 

Code: FH – Mesh size 80mm x 100mm

11FH(10sq.) 1m x 1000m 

13FH (12sq.)1.2m x 1000m 

Pean and Bean Mesh (Green)

2M X 500M X 150MM X 150MM 

Please contact Pure Hydroponics with your courier address and selection, for a formal quotation.