Ozone is a very powerful natural sanitiser and oxidising agent.

It is a naturally occuring atmospheric gas which is able to be electrically generated for use in hydroponics.

Ozone is safely used by hydroponic growers to kill any bacteria, protozoa, virus, fungus and algae it contacts without forming any harmful by-products.

Ozone is mainly used in the hydroponics industry as follows:

  • To sanitise fresh water in a holding tank before it is used in a hydroponic system (water treatment)
  • To sanitise a  hydroponic nutrient solution in the mixing tank (pathogen control, algae control)
  • To sanitise the water used in produce packing or processing facilities
  • To deodorise the air in a greenhouse, growroom or packing room

Pure Hydroponics supplies the CX-Series of compact but high output Corona Discharge ozonators.

The electrically powered units are carefully engineered using the finest materials available for maximum ozone production and years of uninterrupted service.

The internal ozone cell is the heart of the unit and uses a small amount of electricity to convert the free oxygen in the air into ozone gas.

When an Ozone generator is used for treating the nutrient solution in a hydroponic mixing tank a venturi injector is installed on the bypass of the irrigation pump to suck the ozone gas out of the ozone generator. As the pump sends the main flow of nutrient solution out to the crop a small proportion of it is diverted back into the mixing tank via a bypass which has a control valve and venturi attached to it. The pressurised flow of water through the venturi creates a suction action. The air inlet to the venturi is attached to the outlet of the ozone generator. The suction action removes the ozone gas from the generator and injects it into the passing flow.

The Ozone then immediately begins sanitising the tank water through the process of oxidation. When used at the correct concentrations the Ozone gas is soft on live plant tissue and provides additional oxygen to a recirculating solution. If concentrations are too high then Iron can be dropped out of the nutrient solution. This is evident by a brown ring forming on any PVC pipework that may be sitting in the tank. This problem is easily rectified by installing an additional air inlet valve on the venturi inlet to allow the ozone to be diluted with fresh air to lower its concentration.

When used for air treatment applications a CX-P model is used which utilises a built-in low pressure air pump to deliver the ozone into the air. This effectively deodorises the air in a greenhouse, growroom or packing room.

The Ozone generators can be easily mounted in any position, preferably in a sheltered and dry position close to the application.

Please contact Pure Hydroponics to have an Ozone generator sized and quoted for your application.