Reverse Osmosis

Pure Hydroponics can offer a range of affordable Reverse Osmosis systems.

These top level water treatment systems were previously priced beyond the range of the average grower. Recent advancements in technology and improved manufacturing processes have now made the systems more affordable.

The Reverse Osmosis systems can treat from 500 – 10,000 litres of water per day.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the finest filtration known.

It is ideal for hydroponics as it removes particles as small as ions from an incoming water supply.

Water supplies that contain elevated levels of sodium and other elements e.g Iron, can render a water source unusable for the purpose of hydroponic growing.

A Reverse Osmosis system can make virtually any water supply usable. This allows hydroponic farms to be established in a diverse range of locations which were not previously possible.

The pure water provided by a Reverse Osmosis system allows high quality plants to be grown in even the most extreme climates.

Reverse Osmosis uses a membrane that is semi-permeable, allowing water that is being purified to pass through it, while rejecting the contaminants that remain.

For every litre of Pure Water collected about 75 – 85% of rejected water is flushed away.

The membrane used in RO systems is very fine so the reject rates for nearly all contaminants is very high, typically around 96 – 99%.

Sediment and activated carbon filters can also be used in conjunction with the RO system. The combined system will remove bacteria, protozoa, and viruses and significantly reduce organics, salts, metals, nitrates, pesticides, and many more contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis systems require very little maintenance.

Smaller units (up to 2700 litres per day) can be installed in-line to provide a continuous flow into a hydroponic system and they operate on standard line pressure (greater than 40psi, 2.76 bar).

Reverse Osmosis is the best investment a grower can make if their water quality is less than ideal or if they are growing in hot, challenging climates.

Please contact Pure Hydroponics to have a unit sized for your requirements.