Bluelab Sample Tube

The Bluelab Sample tube is a convenient holder for your EC, pH and Temperature probes.

It prevents damage to the probes and provides a more precise sample of what is being fed to the crop rather than dangling probes into a tank where they can be knocked around by by turbulence or give erratic readings due to pockets of unmixed solution in the tank.

The Sample Tube is installed on a Tee branch that comes off the main pressure line that feeds your crop (for recirculating systems) or off a pump bypass that feeds back into your batching tank (for non recirculating systems).

Or you can have a stand alone aquarium submersible pump that feeds the sample tube independently from any other equipment in the pump room.

It is a wall mounted device that has a flushing tap to enable the Sample Tube to be drained prior to removing the probes form the various glands.

The Sample Tube is compatible with the Bluelab Guardian Monitors and Bluelab Pro Controller.

  • Perfect for reservoirs located more than 2 metres / 6.6 feet from your controller unit. Place probes directly into the tube ports for direct measurement of nutrient solution
  • Fittings included

The Bluelab Sample Tube is not intended for use in a high pressure system. Do not exceed 15 psi.