Bluelab Pro Controller EC Probe

Replacement Conductivity (EC) Probes are available for the Bluelab Pro Controller.

Normally if a probe is reading low in an EC2.77 Calibration solution all that is required is for the probe to be given a good clean using some Bluelab probe cleaning solution (or white unscented Jif solution) and a chamois stick or brush. The probe is then retested in 2.77EC solution. The reading should normally rise closer to EC2.77 with each clean . An additional clean should then be done before calibrating to ensure the reading is spot on.

If the Bluelab Pro Controller is displaying “Err” in the conductivity screen then this usually means the probe needs replacing.

Before purchasing a new one it is recommended to do a quick unscrew of the probe plug to check that it is not corroded or dirty before fastening the plug securely into the socket to make sure there was no other reason for the Error message being displayed.

Replacement EC Probe for Bluelab Pro Controller $78.30 + GST